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Historic Orthodox Christian center -Kiev Pechersk Lavra -Ukraine

06-05-2012 Kiev, the capital of Ukraine, most famous for its impressive architectural monuments. It is inscribed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

To this day, Kiev is a holy place for the Orthodox Church, where crowds of faithful pilgrims head for.

The most famous of these is Pechersk Lavra built in the eleventh century, picturesquely situated on a hill near the Dnieper River. Although this object was destroyed during the war, the reconstruction of the buildings left behind some wonderful. The dead monks were buried in underground caverns, from which it derives name of the monastery, and their tombs became a place of pilgrimage.

Ukraine on the way to The European Union

President of Ukraine signed a decree regarding cooperation with NATO in 2012.

30-03-2012 Ukraine took the initial step toward The European Free Trade Agreement. Definitive signing of the agreement will be in September 2012 and then the agreement will be initialed by European Union Countries.

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